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Pange Plays

What is Pange Plays? Pange Plays, which lives is is the supporting website for my cozy gaming channel, which is hosted on either Twitch or YouTube.

This website focuses primarily on the game Animal Crossing New Horizons, which I fell in love with during the pandemic and sunk so many hours into. I’ve reset my island fairly often, and I love decorating with the various styles of in-game furniture. Site Features

To make decorating easier for myself and others, I host Animal Crossing treasure islands, including one free treasure island called Reboot with a free dodo code open to everyone. I also have six additional premium treasure islands available for supporters of my channels. If you love ACNH, you’ll want to pop by for a visit!

  • ACNH Treasure Island Maps
  • ACNH Treasure Island item search – developed and coded by me in PHP
  • Embedded Video Content
  • Channel Updates